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Recap of today.

I got the NXE, so far, it is pretty cool. I don’t see a need for install to HDD though since the speeds are about the same and I never notice the sound with my surround turned up. NetFlix is pretty cool, but the lack of titles makes it not worth it. I think I will just watch all the anime I have not seen that they have on the instant watch thing then I will end it.

School, was boring as a MOFO. Notice the caps, that’s just how boring it was. AS 2009 and my PS3 inch closer, the days seem to slow down.

In other news, Dead Rising Vs. Dawn of the Dead case has finally ended and the winner is… DEAD RISING. The judge said that a scenario such as this is alright for anyone to use since A) A mall is a no copyrighted thing and B)Zombies aren’t copyrighted either. SO haha, Capcom once again is awesome. Now just hurry and make time fast Capcom, I needs me some RE5.

In anime news, Joost, a video streaming website, will be showing Kaiji and Buzzer Beater this December. I have not seen either, so I may check it out. I am also happy to say that Naruto will started streaming on Viz’s site this January within a week of the Japanese showing. This is a great thing since it allows the American audiences to connect with Japanese people quicker, and also could help to deter the illegal downloading of licensed anime. I’m not against fan-subbing, but I am against people who refuse to buy anime that is licensed. So, I will leave that for another time. I’m to tired to explain my views at the moment.
Well, good night. Here is an amv for you guys and girls to watch.


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