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Teens Banned From Video Games After Killing Cat

OK, this is really f*cked up. 3 teens broke into a house last December and vandalized the place. After that, they proceeded to take the cat inside, place it in a microwave for 10 minutes and watch. This story make me feel sick to my stomach. I can only imagine the pain that poor animal felt, also, the screams that would be heard would be enough for me to have nightmares. The really messed up part is that all they get is a year of probation and no video games for a year. What kind of shit is that? People like that will repeat and yet, they get off that easily. Apparently they enjoy torturing animals, so I see no reason to let them into society. If someone were to do that to my cat or dogs, they would probably end up dead.

Ughh… Humans are just amazing. They do this, and yet people don’t seem too care. But, they kill a white teenage girl and its like all the shit is just gonna hit a fan and splatter all over your shirt. I believe that animal cruelty that results in the death of the animal should be tried just like a murder of a human. But, this will never happen since we think that just because we are smarter means we deserve to live longer than everything else. Well, this is something you people may like to know. Most humans are stupider than a cat or dog. Yeah, the humans are basically a bunch of dumb asses that can play games and watch tv.



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  1. I totally agree with you man

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