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December 11th

Nothing much happened today. The Eureka 7 movie info was the most exciting thing in my opinion. Things like that make me glad I got into anime. As for school, it is slow as snail turd that are frozen. At least tomorrow is Friday, I might be able to catch up on all the anime I have missed this week. Today it rained which made today a little better, but it didn’t rain hard enough. Stupid North Carolina and it’s messed up weather. I blame the farmers around here for polluting everything. The Neuse river has so much hog crap in it that we can’t drink it unless we totally vaporize it and then using a molecular re-builder, we put the water particles back together. Plus all the pesticides and feces they put around peoples houses doesn’t help either.  You can say we need them all we want, but tobacco isn’t important, unless you want to commit suicide. If you are going to smoke, atleast get the smell off, it is pretty bad.


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