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Eureka 7 Movie Title And Release Date Announced, Causes My Ass To Asplode In Joy.

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! MORE EUREKA 7!! 2 GREAT THINGS NEXT YEAR, FMA AND THIS!! The title is Symphonic Poem Eureka Seven: Pocket Full of Rainbows if you do a literal translation. The website is right here. To bad I can barely read any Japanese.


4 Responses

  1. Wait…so is this movie a sequel to the anime?

  2. I’m guessing it is. The way the anime ended allowed them to continue in some way at least. Though, it could be a prequel or a recap movie. I will be happy as long as it is a sequel or prequel.

  3. The movie isnt a sequal sadly. Its a rewrite of the series, but with a totaly new plotline. And much to my dismay, over 40% of the actual footage is from the origional anime series.

  4. I’m not saying you are lying Momo, but, all the news about the movie states that it is a different story with Renton and Eureka still being the main characters.

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