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PS3 Home Has Tons Of Exploitable Vulnerablilties? Yes, And It Could End Badly

I’m all for hacking consoles. My PSP, DS, Wii, and Original Xbox all have some way to run homebrew. When I first heard this I was all happy, but I coutinued to read and realized this. What if people truly do find a way to illegally use this stuff? Buffer Overflows or even porn on the server could lead to law suits from parents. I love Sony consoles and all, and i think this was a cool idea. But releasing something so buggy that crackers are bound to start within the next 24 hours and possibly get personal info is bad. I don’t know what is on the Home servers, but I do know you can modify the files on the server no matter who you are as long as you use a method of realtime packet editing. I will just have to watch how this unfolds. Expect an update if something happens.


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