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Santa Hates Poor People And I Am Bored

Haha, everyday I get more and more ready for Christmas. This helped me smile even when I am bored. I guess I could re-watch some old anime or something. At least tomorrow is my last day of school until January 5th, but it could be better. 3 test in one day is to much. Yet, teachers still don’t get that we need a break every once and a while.

I got the new map pack for Crysis Wars and they are good, but the best is Frost. To bad it is Power Struggle only, though I guess I could edit it to be TI Action. No real performance boost with this patch either, but oh well.

NOw I think I’m going to watch Akane-Iro Somaru Saka Episode 10. There is nothing else to do after that. :(


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