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FINALLY! I’m Out of School For The Winter Break!

SaWeet!! I made it through the last day (for me anyways) unscathed physically. Mentally, I am scarred since putting yourself into a boredom induced coma isn’t such a great idea. Not to much longer until I can get my TV too, so these next couple of weeks should be really good. The start of a new Christmas, Tv, and new semester all in less than a month. Let’s hope my teachers don’t suck. Well, at least the 3 I don’t know yet. Berg will always suck as a teacher. And if for some reason you are reading this Christian Berg, you need to stop teaching PLTW so I can actually learn. I’m tired of being the teacher for that class sionce I get no money.

If any one wants to see the TV I will be getting, here is a TigerDirect video of it.

Also, I am bored, so if anyone wants to recommend an anime to watch, post a comment with the title and whether or not it is licensed. I’m not going to download anything licensed.


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