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Days Going By Slower Than They Do When I Am In School…

AHHHH!!! WHY? Everything is like, slow motion. I mean, it’s like I am in the matrix and have that bullet time thing the Neo doe’s. But, nothing to interesting has happened since I got out of school. Mostly all I do is sit around and that’s about all. I might go back and beat Twilight Princess again in the next 3 days. But, hopefully my plan for Christmas Eve will work. Wake up early, and maybe I can fall asleep. Though, I don’t think my sleep problem’s are because of excitement. I haven’t slept good since around the middle of November. I guess we will find out soon though. Wait, I think I know why I can’t sleep/ Anime withdraw symptoms is why. I haven’t bought any anime since November 21, which is a long time for me. This TV better make up for it. I may have fansubs to help me along, but Lucky Star is calling me, and so is School Rumble. Ughh… It’s hard not breaking my rules, but I will survive.

As for something more interesting than me, here is an AMV.


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