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December 22nd

Yay, I got some new pants. They are awesome Guitar Pants that are soft and warm too. I received them as a Christmas Present from one of my best friends along with a Death Note wall scroll. I am happy with both. Today wasn’t as slow as the other days though, which is good. But whether it will stay this was is another thing. 2 more days to go, so we are at the final stretch.

I need some sort of entertainment, so please post a comment with something fun to do. I love Crysis and all, but, even it gets old after playing it every day. I did play Disgaea and Phoenix Wright, so I guess I do have somethings to play. But I want something more relaxing to do until Christmas. oh well. Here is a Death Note and Haruhi mash up. I recommend both to you if you haven’t seen them.


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