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And We Are Now At The End Of The Day!

2qtv1upYay, we made it to the end of Decmeber 24th without dying of anticipation. This was a medium speed day most likely because I watched School Rumple for a while today. Harima and Eri need to end up together. Hopefully they do. I don’t know yet though since I only have Semester 1 and Semester 2 Part 1. Put no to much longer and I can buy more anime. I am very proud of myself though, I went for a month and a half without buying any anime. Which is a new record for me. It was painful, but needed if I wanted to watch it in a better quality. Tomorrow I will take a picture and upload it to show what I got. Also, I learned that I am the master of Mario Party DS. Played it tonight with my Mom, Dad, and Brother. (Don’t get mad at me for puting this Mama, I know you will probably complain.)

Here is my gift to you now. The Anime Christmas Image Packet. (Note: If yo uhave dialup, it might take a little bit. 7.68 Mb and most of the picyures are rather high resolutions.)


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