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My Top 6 Games Of ’08

Mother 3 is my top game though. So no reason to put it with the lower class games.

Well, since there is only one more day left in the year, I think I will tell about the games i liked this year. (no particular order)

  1. Little Big Planet(PS3) : This game was simply awesome. The simple yet stll very complex game was what got me wanting more. And the graphics are top notch. Being able to do things in a game that most won’t allow is what made this one of my favorites for this year.
  2. Chrono Trigger (NDS): Even though technically speaking it did not come out this year, I still put this in my list because an old favorite of mine still stands up to time. The story is great and the characters are fun. And the PS1 cutscenes stand up well on the DS.  Now all we need is a DS remake of Super Metroid and we will be good to go.
  3. Devil May Cry 4(XBox 360/PS3): I love the DMC series because of Dante. Even though he wasn’t playable until half way through the game, I still enjoyed this a lot. From the cheesey voice acting, to the beautiful visual, this was a AAA title for me.
  4. Dead Space (XBox360/ PS3): I hadn’t layed a good survival horror game since RE 4. This is on my list because it was just fun. The satisfaction I got from blowing off the limbs of the necrid ( think that is their name) was amazing fresh.  Hopefully, the sequel is just as good, if not better.
  5. Crysis Warhead (PC); Ok, I liked Crysis and all, but this truly is what made me love it even more. The framerate issues were fixed, the graphics were better, more action, and a lot more fast paced made this the best FPS on pc this year. Now, if they can do this with the true Crysis sequel, I will become a extremely devoted fan.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Lost Odyssey (XBox 360): The reason this isn’t in the top is because I couldn’t really play it. I couldn’t read the text all that well because of my horrible SD 20in TV. But the story is interesting and the gameplay was fun. Hopefully I can start playing truly tomorrow whe nI get my new TV.
  2. Infinite Undiscovery (XBox 360): The same reason as LO
  3. FarCry 2 (PC/XBox 360/PS3): This game is fun, but too slow paced to be a top for me. The mulriplayer was also not very exciting mainly because of everybody using sniper rifles through out the matches.


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