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My Top Anime Of ’08

Here is my list of the top anime of ’08 for me. This is based both on the US releases and Japanese releases, so I may have something up here that someone else thinks is old. Also, if the majority of the volumes of an anime were released in ’08, I count it as an ’08 anime.

Toradora: When I first watched this, I wasn’t expecting much. But, as time went on in the first episode, I realized that it was one of my favorites of this year. Aisaka-san is just so cute when she is angry and it’s funny watching her abuse Ryuji so much.

Lucky Star: I was going to watch this last year, but when I heard it had been licensed I waited till it was released this year. It’s funny watching other people talk like me, and I now know why people get lost when i talk to them at school. But, I am fine. Kagami is also really fun too watch. Especially when she reads the Full Metal Panic Doujinshi.

Kannagi: A friend told me too watch this, so I did. I was glad I did too just because it was different. I mean, I haven’t seen very many things where a y0ung girl appears out of wood. Poor Jin though, he probably can’t choose between Nagi and Tsugumi. Oh well, it was funny.

Alane-Iro Ni Somaru Saka: Ok, before any one complains, I enjoyed this and I am allowed to enjoy it. I don’t know why I enjoyed it so much, but it was one thing I looked forward to each week.

Otoboku: I liked this also, it wasn’t all perverted, or anything. Just the lives of a boy and a bunch of girls at school. Really, if I had watched from episode 2 on, I wouldn’t have even realized there was a male cast member.

Kanokon: Fox demon girl falls in love with a boy. What’s not too like? Ok, it may not sound like much, but it was funny. Though, a little perverted at times.

Zero No Tsukaima Princess no Rondo: I have been a fan of Zero no Tsuakaim since the beginning, and this doesn’t dissapoint. Louise is still angry, Saito is still perverted, and Siesta is a little too attracted to Saito. But, their is actually a bit more deepness to the story also.

The Familiar Of Zero: AKA Zero no Tsukaima. This was the first season and even though the original air date isn’t this year, it came out on DVD here in the US so its up here. If you haven’t seen it, order it now. The box set is like, $30 to $50 depending on where you buy it at.


4 Responses

  1. Those are all good choices.

  2. I just hope 2009 has a lot of good ones. I know we have FMA 2, and the Eureka 7 Movie. But I just wish the second season of Haruhi would come out already. I’m pretty sure they will make a second season of Akane-Iro and Kannagi too, so there is something to watch.

  3. Zero is in my opinion, among the few novel-anime adaptations that are actually succesfull, along with ToraDora. Though for my own toplist, I’ll probably kick off Kanokon and put in Eve no Jikan and Kara no Kyoukai.

  4. Haven’t seen Eve no Jikan or Kara no Kyoukai. Maybe I will watch them. They might end up on this list if I do.

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