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Cracked Hands And The Nightly Anime

Though I think my hands may be cracking because I forget lotion when I am watching anime, it is worth it. Have you ended up ever ended up hurting your self in some way just to watch anime uninterrupted? If so, leave a comment telling about your experience.

Today I didn’t get Eternal Sonata or Lucky Star Vol. 4 LE, so I won’t be playing or watching either of those. But, I will be watching Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. I can’t wait for a US release of that. I might also watch Maria Holic since I saw the first episode last month and enjoyed it.

My cat is here and has to get his stitches out on Friday. I love him, but feeding him through a syringe is pretty hard. The stitches are in his mouth because earlier this week, we had to get some cancerous tissue removed from his mouth, which made me feel pretty bad to know my kitty has oral cancer. But, hopefully he will live a while longer.

And with 5 more days left in this vacation, I will probably catch up on all the anime I need to watch. Here is an AMV for you too watch until next time.


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