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Sorry For The No Post Yesterday

Yeah, yesterday basically one of the suckiest days ever. So, I really haven’t been all that happy. Even now, I’m still pretty upset. Which is why I’m hoping too do a Relay For Life team this summer with my family and friends. Yesterday was bad because my cat, whom I had for 10 years, or since I was 7, died. We had to put him to sleep because the tumor he had was in his throat and kept him from eating and he also had cancer. The vet said they couldn’t remove it thus, Mario would either suffer and starve to death or I had to make the extremely hard decision to put him to sleep. So, I hugged, kissed and told him I loved him. That was the last time I saw my kitty alive. March 1998 to January 2009 was a very happy time for me.

To everyone who has a cat, I advise you to take him to the vet to get an oral checkup at least every 6 months or so. That way you won’t have to have this happen to your cat. You can get more information about oral cancer and tumors in cats here. There is more information at http://www.zzcat.com/


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