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Plans Make Everything Better

motivator480258A recent (12 minutes ago) conversation I had with a friend about why he never has money got me thinking about why other people fail at life. Then it hit me, it’s because they never have plans so they can succeed. Plans help you get through gun fights, un-employment, marriage, and losses. But, people just don’t plan ahead. He is the same way by thinking everything will just work when he doesn’t even have a plan for if it doesn’t. Though, it may be funny to watch him screw up at times, I can’t help but feel sorry for him and the others around me also. For instance, the Graduation Project they are making us do for school is being executed without any plans. The teachers are being bombarded by questions non-stop and the students don’t even know what to do. This is a prime example of how no planning can ruin yours and other people’s lives. Even if you think your luck is great, that doesn’t mean it won’t fail eventually.

But, no planning can also lead to funny things like when people stand right in front of a person going down a hill on a sled. Instead of thinking up a plan on how not to be hit, this person stood in front of the path and was hit pretty hard. I laughed my ass of at him too. Criminals are also a source of amusement when they have no plans. Like when one will go and rob a store, but just walk down the street a block while holding the gun and liquor they stole. Well, when that person is caught, they realize their lack of planning caused them to get caught and try woo say they didn’t mean to point a gun at the clerk and steal the liquor. Had they had a plan, that person could have ran into a safe house that his buddy set up close by.

But, I guess without the retards that think you don’t have to plan things out in order for them too work, we wouldn’t have as many funny youtube videos as we do.


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