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Stroud Erik no Taikutsu


Another day gone by, but still months left before the last Pendragon book, and first Haruhi Light Novel come out. Right now, I am reading New Moon, so at least i have something to entertain me while I wait for the Lucky Star Vol. 5 DVD to arrive at my house.

That reminds me. According to Bandai, Lucky Star Vol. 6 LE has been indefinitely delayed. The normal edition is still coming out on time, but this is bad. I either wait and see if the LE will eventually come out, or I just buy the normal one and not have a perfect collection of LE for Lucky Star like I do for Haruhi and will for Code Geass.  Though, I guess as long as it still comes out, I will be fine. But I am still dissapointed since they finally made the shirts small enough for me. XL fine and all, but a little big for my hoodies. Vol. 4 was when they finally pu in a Large shirt instead.

Here is a cool Vampire Knight AMV for everyone too watch. This is one of the anime that I really hope gets a US release soon. We have the manga, but that isn’t enough to satisfy me.


2 Responses

  1. wish . ..

    haruhi light novel & anime coming out soon ..

    maybe this year ^^

  2. The 1st Haruhi Light novel comes out in March I think, so not a whole lot longer. Now if they would just announce a release date for the 2nd season/series.

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