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Hidden Message In Bandai’s HTML Code?

I found this today, buts it’s 4 days old, so if you haven’t read it here you go. Some think it may point to a license of Macross FRONTIER or Macross: Do You Remember Love.

<!– It has been fun, hasn’t it? –>

<!– It sure has… –>

<!– Our team send out their messages yet? –>

<!– They started to tonight. –>

<!– Good. –>

<!– No one will see what we’ve done until after we’re long gone… –>

<!– It’s not for the recognition. It’s doing our best to launch something the citizens want, despite unheard of challenges and issues beyond our team’s control. –>

<!– True, true. No one will ever know the real story of what happened. –>

<!– Perhaps it is best that way. –>

<!– Targetting array ready? –>

<!– Yes. We are ready to shoot at any time. –>

<!– No one’s going to see these explosions until months from now. –>

<!– But maybe they will think back and remember we were here once? –>

<!– Can’t we just broadcast it to the citizens? –>

<!– That would be violating standard protocols. –>

<!– Silent launch then. –>

<!– For now. Until the time is right for us to rise again. –>

<!– ? –>

<!– Things will become self-evident in due course. –>

<!– For now, let us celebrate one last hurrah in private. –>

<!– Is the vessel ready? –>

<!– I still can’t believe you’re going to do this… –>

<!– Squadron commanders, initiate launch of all remaining weapons, fire at will any and all targets. –>

<!– Citizens of the universe, please listen to our final songs! –>


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