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The End Of Happiness…

school_cry_apartmentAt least in school it is. Berg is coming back supposedly, which could end up ruining my fun and real work time. Hopefully this is a lie though since he is a dumb ass that needs to just stay at Andy’s and eat cheese burgers for the rest of his life. I’m amazed he hasn’t been fired yet with the way he is.

Tomorrow will also suck because we have a pep rally. Yes, we get out of class, but the fact that we have to make posters for a teacher is why. Every time we do somethign for the school, they get mad at us for doing it, then they get mad at us for not getting it done. Can you be anymore bipolar? People really need to learn how to make up there minds better. Oh how I can’t wait to lie too people about Project Lead The Way again. That ought to be fun because, like I said earlier, they will be angry if we do what we are told, and if we don’t do what we are told.

I guess everything is fine as long as I have my anime though. That always seems to lift my spirits, except when it is a depressing story or a sad episode like when Kamina died. That was really screwed up since he was the embodiment of pure manliness, and poor Yoko was sad, which I don’t like to see since she is awesome too.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone in my classes are really alright in the head. I got some that find the need to be exactly like me, and others who think that fighting is the only way to have fun. There is this one guy, who I will not name since anybody who is close to me should know who I am talking about anyways, he will do anything I do. It’s creepy at times since I am being copied. Brent has the same problem also, with the same person. I’m almost afraid he might kill me out of love or some other crazy ass thing that people do in movies.

Well, now that I am done typing stuff, here is an AMV by StrawberryKissStudios. They are one of my favorite groups for AMVs. Now let me go watch Maria Holic and Toradora.


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