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More Work?

pink_laptopWhy do they continue giving us work? I mean, really, we have the graduation project, 4 classes a semester, and life. But they still expect us to become zombies. I will have to Bullshit half my essay just because my fat ass teacher believes that just because we are honors, she can increase a state mandated requirement to her liking. 8 pages is kind of hard to do when you can barely find anything that they would allow since most of my sources are blocked at school. Anytime you can’t even do research at school, you know there is something wrong. But, I don’t care. I have 1 more year after this, then I am off to college so I can finally get something worthwhile done.

Berg was still not here, which wasn’t surprising. Hopefully he is gone for even longer, that would make me happy and increase my chances of getting a new teacher. Terry Cline probably wouldn’t like the amounts of money going to this program so a fat ass teacher can stay off from work.

Tomorrow I probably won’t post since I will be up in Jacksonville after school. But, I’m sure not many of you guys care to much. This site may be something I enjoy, and it is essentially like my journal too, but, sometimes I feel as if I am making it easier for the gov’t to get me and use my magical powers of the shinobi to win wars. But, they will never catch me since i am a ninja. Haha, take that congress.

Once again, I “predicted” the future fir someone. Not really, but he believes so. I guess my powers of observation go unnoticed, so people think I can see the future.

Time for me to go now so I can watch anime and play Guitar Hero or Devil May Cry 4. Here is something for you to watch until I get back on.


2 Responses

  1. Powers to see the future you have? The future I too can see. A large stack of money will soon your way come. For you it will be to decide what will be done with it.

  2. I know a stack of money is coming my way.

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