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$572 Spent, $28 To Go

ningenwallpapers-darker-than-black-3-1600x1200Well, I have spent $572 in the past 24 hours. Which is a new record for me. Over half went to anime, so I have plenty to watch, including Darker Than Black, which so far is awesome. I only have 2 episodes left on the first volume, so I can’t wait to get the second one. I also bought the Baccano Starter set, Gurren Lagann Part 1 LE, Code Geass Part 2 LE, School Rumble S2 P2, Ouran High Host Club S1 P2, Bleach Season 2 Set, and a new surround sound system. So now my anime watching is even better.

Oh yeah, I got DJ Max Fever, and it is amazingly awesome. Go out and buy it so we can get more releases here in the US.

Well, I am going to bed now, so here is Haruhi-chan 1 and Nyoron Churuya-san 1. I would embed, but, Kadokawa doesn’t allow it. Oh well, they were nice enough to add english subs. If only they could get the real second season out though…


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