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Another Day Of Laziness With Nothing Accomplished

lazy_girl_ari_by_b0rn_t0_dieYay, I was lazy again. Maybe I can be lazy more often. Probably not, since I have to do some stuff for English because the state thinks they can make people drop out more. But, they won’t get me. After all, I am the most manliest of men next to Kamina.

Surprise surprise, Berg still wasn’t here, and according to everyone, won’t be here for most if not all of the rest of the year. I don’t mind that since I can use his class for playing Call Of Duty and getting homework done. Supposedly, he is really sick now. As for whether or not this is actually true, I do not know. But, it only enables my life to be easier if he isn’t in the school.

I plan to probably watch the rest of Darker Than Black Vol. 1 since i have been jumping between Ouran High and that for the past couple of days. After which I think I will finish the Ouran High Part 2 set and School Rumble S2 P2 set. Bacanno may be something I really am looking forward to, but I need to finish the other 2 things first.

And, I got a new camera finally, so I can do more things now. I just need actors and something to record. Hmm… I will think of something eventually.

Well, I am going to take a shower now, so all you people reading need to watch something to keep your minds of my sexy body. I don’t need any of you pervs thinking of me. And always remember this picture since it is awesome.

violateHere is an Ef AMV for people that need moving things to be entertained.


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