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Sickness, The Savior Of The World

karin01op2Ok, maybe not to the point where you are bleeding as bad as Karin, but, it can be good. Berg finally might be losing his job because of him being “sick.” I use quotes since I don’t really know if he is sick. Jay P. Thomas, the principal of my school (my hell) has asked me, Brent, and Hillary to make some things to impress some engineers and possibly get some of them to work for the school as teachers for PLTW to replace Berg. I’m happy I get the opportunity mainly because it is less work I have to do to get some change in this class. I mean, my original plan was to get people to petition or something, but this is so much simpler. But enough of that, lets talk about something else.

I may have finally fixed my retard of a router. I installed DD-WRT on it and so far (really only about 2 hours) it hasn’t messed up. Maybe it is fixed, maybe it isn’t. I don’t know, but as long as it still works, I will be fine.

And, I think I may have used the life of my PSP battery long enough. I think it is long past it’s good days since I can barely keep it charged for more than an hour at times. Oh well, maybe I will do a memorial for it or something. April 2005 to February 2009 is a decent amount for it, but I really don’t feel like paying to replace it.

Also, I think I will possibly quit watching Akikan. I will know when I watch the next episode tonight. The quality of the show hasn’t really changed since the beginning, and I am still just as lost as when I started. But, who cares, I still have Toradora and Minami-Ke Okaeri.

Also, if anyone wants to send me a copy of Earthbound for the Super Nintendo, I will take it. Just leave a comment if you want to.

Well, I am going to watch Minami-ke Okaeri and Ouran High now, I will type some more stuff tomorrow. And, here is the AMV for everyone to watch.


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