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Tired Now, I Feel

1140171927_sleepToday sucked. I was tired throughout the whole day. I got an hour long nap in English, and i was still tired. I Take a 30 minute nap earlier this evening, still tired. I don’t know why, but I just have no energy today. Hopefully it will be back tomorrow maybe. Though, I get the feeling it’s because of my English teacher constantly annoying us about every little thing. I mean, seriously, if you are going to fail us over not having note cards, you probably failed as a teenager when you were young.  Enough of that though.

Berg still wasn’t here today, so we did nothing. Ok, he did give us a worksheet with stuff we had no idea how to do on it. That doesn’t count though.

We also went to see the teachers verse the students in a basketball game, which was pretty funny. I recorded some of it, and I will upload later tomorrow once i get the video edited to fit the limit. I also have to get all the part together since I stopped and started a few times. i might add some music to the boring parts.

I finished Ouran High earlier today, and even though it didn’t end like I wanted (Meaning Haruhi and Tamaki didn’t confess to eachother), it was still a good ending. Can’t wait for more. Next I will be watching the second part of School Rumble 2.

As for the rest if my day, there hasn’t been much else. So watch this AMV. I might have posted it already, but I can’t remember.


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