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I Will Lead My Mini Army To Victory

wallcoocom_anime_girl_k_16_1280Finally, I got Dawn Of War 2. I canceled Killzone 2 for it though. But, I will end up getting that later anyways after I rent it. DoW2 is awesome, but the glitch that makes it crash when loading levels is annoying, so, I hope they fix it soon.

School is really starting to seem more and more pointless as time goes on. In English, its probably going to be near impossible to pass with Jenkins teaching. She seems to choose favorites and only allow them to make good grades. I don’t know if thats what she does, it just seems that way to me.

Berg still wasn’t back, so it gave me more time to be lazy. I don’t mind, but I do want a real teacher still. Not some crappy fat ass that sweats on everything.

Sorry I didn’t upload the basketball game today, I was away, so I didn’t get the chance. So, since I am going to be home all day tomorrow, I will get it done then. I have a 3 day weekend, so nothing is going to be a problem for me.

There wasn’t much else that happened today, so I am going to go to bed and watch School Rumble now. Here is an AMV to watch.


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