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4 Hours Straight And Still Going

gaming-with-kagamiI really have to catch up on all the games I haven’t beaten yet. I played Dead Space for 4 hours today, and beat it. Next, I think I will beat Call Of Duty World At War and Dawn of War 2. I also need to beat Infinite Undiscovery and Lost Odyssey. Well, at least they are fun.

As always, my Sunday was relatively boring. Nothing all that exciting other than beating a game. And I still haven’t uploaded the game. Stupid computer doesn’t want to load Aftereffects, so I have to resort to Windows Movie Maker, the devil of all video programs. I guess it beats the mac equivalent though.

Tomorrow will be good to since i don’t have school.  More than likely I will finish School Rumble Season 2 tomorrow and spend the rest of the day watching Baccano Vol. 1 and playing Dawn of War 2. It’s a good thing I don’t gain a  lot of weight, or else I would be as big as Berg.

Sorry for the no post yesterday, I got distracted. Here is an AMV to make up for it.


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