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A Useful Day For Watching School Rumble

799589631_sawachikaAnd tha tis about all I did. I also watched Toradora. I guess I didn’t make this a very productive day after all. Who cares, I was lazy and thats all that matters. I mean, isn’t that what it means to be American? Being lazy and drinking Coke.

Like i said earlier, I didn’t do anything, so, I have ot make up things to make my life seem more interesting.

I fought this huge ass bear thing in my yard today. I was like Woah, you are a huge MoFo. But the bear said “f*ck you, I’m just big boned.” THen I laughed because that sounded perverted. Finally, I kick his ass.

Ugh… look what you made me do, I had to think. Here, watch this as a recooperate.


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  1. That was really stupid

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