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Chinese Food?

foodI’m starting to think that the only thing Hillary likes is Chinese food. It’s good and all, but thats the only place we ever go with her. And it’s always when I have no money left. I went from $2.73 to $0. :(

School sucked again though. Nothing good happened. Nothing bad either. Just plain boring school. Why can’t school be like it is on Full Metal Panic! FUMOFFU!? Not like the other seasons since those had terrorist, and I can’t make deals with terrorist no matter what. But, I want a crazy merc in my school trying to protect me. I wish I was a Whispered just so things were more interesting. Kaname doesn’t realize how awesome her life is sometimes. But, I can’t do anything about that since she is an anime character and I am a real person.

I finished School Rumble Season 2, and i am pissed off. I was hoping Harima would end up with Eri, but of course, nothing goes the way Erik wants it to go. Eri deserves someone as awesome as Harima just because she needs someone to help her. I need to read the manga, maybe she ends up with him in that.

I’m tired now, so leave me alone. You should be happy I posted this tonight. Here, watch this. These should be “better” than the last one I posted. I guess old women just don’t get great things when they see them.


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