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Welcoming The New Guy


Yes, he is new, and some what retarded at times. invader56 will be joinging us for as long as I allow him too. I can’t say what will be posted, but if it’s anything like the earlier ones, it would be rather random. He is like the nerdy white guy you know, but he thinks he is OG at times.

Now, for my day. The same as yesterday, except this time I could not breathe through my nose for a while and I still can’t either.

No Berg too, which is a plus.

Also, I won another copy of Far Cry 2 on PC. That means I will have 2 now. But, I think I might just bring it to Walmart and get a gift card for it so I can get Killzone 2. Oh how my luck is lately. Maybe things are starting to look up. Or not, I really don’t know. I will find out soon though when I have to turn in my paper to Jenkins so I can make a zero because I copied a word from the english language.

Now watch this tribute to anime. the last 6 minutes or so are just black with no sound. W while back, you could achieve higher quality doing that, but now it’s not needed as much.


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