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WTF Is This?

wtf-is-thisYou apparently are not supposed to ask your teacher questions about something they require you to do. What kind of shit is that? Sometimes I wonder why people can’t figure out why everyone hates school.

Today was boring again. Why can’t I have a day like Kyon or even Harima? They are lucky, atleast school is fun for them. The best I get is psychopaths that are in love with me. They cut themselves with keys and have imaginary girl friends. Sometimes i fear for my life just being near him. Someone save me please.

I finished Baccano vol. 1 last night and Isaac and Miria are now officially my favorite characters in Baccano. They are just so stupid, so I guess that is why I like them. Though, I typically can’t stand stupid people, they are syupid in a funny way. Can’t wait for the next volume, but who knows when I will be able to buy that.

Well, I have nothign else to say, so I am going to watch Minami-Ke Okaeri and the go to bed. Yo ucan watch this while you wait for me to grace the internets with my presence again.

This made me miss Naruto, but I quit watching because the English dub was horribly funny at times to me. I need to buy the DVDs so I can watch the subs atleast.


2 Responses

  1. you should be in besharas class he’s boring but i think hes better than the one u have

  2. Jenkins is a bitch. I would much rather have Besahara even if he is slow and boring.

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