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2,000! I Am Beating The Balls Of The Internet!

f03d1b1729e470_fullHAHAHAHAHA! Slowly, I am taking more peopel in, and this will never stop. One day, I will be as popular as retardspace.com (myspace).

Now if only people would send me money, that would be so much better. But, I will have to wait till I am 18 and have plenty of people wisiting each day before I start doing ads.

On January 19, 2009, I reached 1,000 visits. That took About 4 months. In just over 1 month, I got another 1,000 visits. I am quite proud of myself for this, and hopefully everyone will countinue coming and introducing new people to here.

With the recent addition of one of my friends from school, there was new post types, some that made sense, some that made little to no sense. He may not do the kind of stuff I do, but he adds variety. Invader56 will hopefully bring new people, and hopefully, if we get enough visiters, I will eventually add a real URL.

Now I am going to take a shower, so I can’t type to much more for now. But, remember that I will almost always have something new each day on the blog. Here is somethign to watch while you wait for the next post.


One Response

  1. Great job Erik!!!!!!!! I love reading your stuff everyday and look forward to each new post. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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