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Killzone 2 And More Anime

konata-caughtYes, I really am a very lazy person. Almost all I do is play games and watch anime at home. Killzone 2 isn’t helping me get out either. I just got that today, and it is amazing. I played the demo, and thought that was good, but the full game is so much better. Though, the aiming could be fixed a little.

Like earlier, I did reach 2,000 visits today and I am very proud of it. So, I think I will celebrate with watching more anime. Konata is a very good role model you know, and she is pretty similar to me, except she is a girl.

Other than getting Killzone 2 today, I didn’tdo to much else. Nothing to report other than that. Maybe I will go and eat some cereal then watch Maria Holic and Toradora. The days of lazyness won’t last forever though, especially if my wish of finally getting a job come true.

Here is a nice slow AMV with one of my favorite songs.


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