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Some People Just Don’t Understand

righteous-angerReally, why do people find the need to try and be “hackers”. For one, hacking means making or building and two, if you don’t even know the definition, you can’t even accomplish what you want. These “hackers” are really pissing me off. Twice in a row, the virus they didn’t make ended up on my stuff. Now, what happens when you screw with my stuff? Other things happen, they tyically go without a plan, but stuff happens. So, bye bye you 2, tomorrow might be the last time I see you going into that class room.

Well, after finally getting that crap off my flash drive, I decided to play Killzone 2 some more. Still is an amazing game to me, so I think I will keep playing.

I also watch Howl’s Moving Castle again for the first time in 5 years. I really need to buy the DVD since i haven’t yet. IFC is good for a while, but I may want to watch it again later this year. It reminded of why I like Miyazaki so much. Though, I don’t know if I want to see Ponyo yet. Haven’t heard to much about it.

Oh, and I got to start my senior report again. Woopty-Donkey-Balls-Doo. I will finish it one day… I hope.

Wow, I think I am to tired now, I’m gonna go watch anime and then sleep. Goodnight everyone. Here, you can watch the full Anime Re-mix Mix 1 thing. Animere-mix.com


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