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People Called Police When Man Refused to Get Naked For a Sex Party

0651578300OK, this is kinda retarded. Who would want to see this guy naked? If I were at the party, I would be begging him to stay clothed. According to the article, there were threats of violence and other things made by him and the people running the place. Seriously though, why would you even let him in? He reminds me of Berg, and that would be a horrible sight. But, at the same time, if I had 4 naked women telling me to get naked, I think I would do what they told me. I doubt he walked in there with his wife on an accident. THey were planning on doing some serious surprise butt secks.

“They felt uncomfortable with him eyeing them off and I asked him to show some respect and take his clothes off,” said the manager. “He then threatened to bash me, there was some argy-bargy and I ordered him off the premises and police were called.”

According to my sources argy-bargy means a verbal dispute. I was thinking it was a fist fight.



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