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Ass Hole Teacher Gets Promoted To Vice Principal

teacherOK, I know this picture is kinda creepy, but it’s the best i could get.

Now for the story. A middle school teacher beat 4 of his students in 2007. Later, the parent’s complained and he was under review of the local school board. He apologises and goes back to work.

Later, he goes to a new school and is promoted to vice-principal. This isn’t the best part though, according to news reports, he verbally assualted a girl so much, she refused to attend school and played truant.

While out, said girl began to self mutilate due to the mental trauma he caused her. I guess he said some pretty bad shit. Basically, he must have made her feel like the worst person in the world I guess. Times like these are when people wish hellcorrespondence.com was a real thing.

The prefectural school board tries to defends it’s actions by saying  “We’re still checking the facts, but it seems likely we would have refrained from promoting him had we known at the time.” I call bull sh*t, they knew but are just covering their asses in my opinion.

I know if he had done that to my daughter, he would probably be dead laying in a ditch or somewhere else. This is why the school systems all over the world are so screwed up. Teachers defend other teachers no matter what and think they are the only ones that are right.

Japanese Source

English Source


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