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School Days English Translation Update

sdxx3Even though the last time they updated was a few months ago, Sekai Project has finally let out some new news. Can’t wait for the release, now if only someone would license the anime for a release here in the US.

We are fast approaching our one year anniversary, and today I have good news. Our game patch has officially entered closed beta and we hope to have a final version released very soon. Even though we’ve only finalized episode 1 content, I feel we’ve come a long way. I have extended a request for beta testers for our regular forum users. If you are already registered in the forum, please sign up for the beta program. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

During the past few months, we have been internally testing the game installer. In order to be a complete replacement instead of a mere patch, we have had to restart halfway, so our development time was nearly doubled. The original idea seemed to be very solid, but unfortunately the libraries needed to perform online installations was flagged by many anti-virus scanners as malware. As a result, the installer size has grown from a few hundred kilobytes to around 260MB for just episode 1. We may consider releasing multiple installers to save redundancy, but it is unlikely at this point.

The information page has changed significantly and is now in line with our official documentation. As a preview for the patch, I have also posted it for public viewing. It is located at http://www.sekaiproject.net/readme



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