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Almost Done?

playing-gamesI probably should take more breaks when I get into my gaming mode. I think I played Halo Wars for like, 5 or 6 hours today, not sure. So I am almost done with that, only 2 more levels I think. Now I have my sunday planned out partially.

This Saturday has been another lazy one. Nothing productive by most peoples standards, but productive to an otaku it was. I found a great deal on the Best Student Council (All 5 vols. for $24 after shipping) and Maria Holic Epi. 9 came out. I basiclaly have more anime to watch, which is good. It helps me think.

Some of you may have noticed I have been posting more lately. The reason is because I am on t he computer all the time, so why not share what I find with everyone more. It will help get new visitors and keep the place fresh.

Also, if anyone want’s  to play Halo Wars, or most other 360 games with me, send me an invite on Live. My Gamertag is on the Gamertag page along with my PSN ID.

Well, I am going to watch Maria Holic now, I just have to see if Maria tortures Kanako some more. You can watch this if you don’t like Maria Holic.


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