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FUNimation Adds More Blu-Ray Releases

full_metal_panic_-_the_se_259_1280Well, some more anime is coming to Blu-Ray now. Though, the 2 that I noticed first (Full Metal Panic and Gunslinger Girl) I already bought all the DVD vols. of. I don’t know if I will buy them or not, all depends on how big of a difference there is. Though, my PS3 upscales them really well, so I may skip them until I really need to buy them. All these came from an insert in the BluRay release of Shigurui: Death Frenzy.

Blue Gender TV/Movie Set – 4/14/2009

Tsubasa Season 1 Set – 4/14/2009

Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Rebon and Wrath of the Dragon – 5/19

Full Metal Panic: Second Raid Complete Series – No Date

Trinity Blood Complete Series – No Date

Basilisk – No Date

Origin: Special Edition – No Date

Gunslinger Girl Season 1 – No Date


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