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Detective Conan: The Raven Chaser’s Trailers Released

detective-conan2The 13th movie in the awesome series has had it’s trailers released today. The teaser and full trailer were released along with the date of April 18.

According to the infromation, it will have them in their “fated showdown” which I’m guessing means it could be the last movie, but I am probably wrong.

I just wish they were all out in the US or UK so I could get them, I have loved the Detective Conan series since it first appeared on Adult Swim. That was a great summer, but school screwed up everything, I wasn’t even able to see all the episodes of InuYasha because of school when they started airing 2 episodes a night.

Can’t wait for this movie though, even if I have to watch it with fan subs and shaky cam.


8 Responses

  1. i like conan….^_^

  2. eu so com tu conan quero tanto resover um bisterio

    • I’m sorry, but I don’t speak Spanish. Taking Spanish class right now though, so I may be able to reply back eventually.

  3. where do we get to download the conan episodes for free??? also the movies? thank you!

    • I do not give out download links to licensed materials. Conan can be bought on DVD from FUNimation right now. Many of the movies can be too. Support the creators, don’t be an ass hole. Fansubs are fine if the show isn’t licensed.

  4. did kaito know the indenity of conan

  5. I love Conan! detective Conan is very nice. and I also like Haibara.

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