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Here’s An AMV, Now I Am Going To Bed


You get the AMV after you read this stuff.

I had another uneventful day. It’s amazing how lazy the people at our school are. They let the retards that put the virus up there get away, and I’m sure they will get me and Brent to try and fix it one day. Ugh… Why can’t people just do what they are paid for?

As for Berg, he was not here, big surprise, is it not? I doubt he will be back anytime soon.

Since i ordered the last 4 volumes of Hell Girl on Sunday, everything is kinda boring. I’m excited I get the final volumes of Hell Girl since I haven’t finished it yet, but its making my nights kinda boring since I only get to see 1 new episode of Toradora, Maria Holic, and Minami-Ke Okaeri a week. I wil live through it though, since i will end up finishing my research paper or something durring the next couple of days.

Well, I am tired now, so I will be going to read something then bed. See some of you tomorrow or whenever I see you next.

You can watch this Ef AMV.


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