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Hell Girl Is Coming?

725640vss7m0pbmwI got the last 4 volumes of Hell Girl today from Right Stuf, and I am glad. I liked the first 2 volumes but, I ended up getting distracted by other aniem and never completed buying the volumes until now. I will say that $28 for the last 4 volumes is a hell of a deal that was a little worth waiting for.

School was boring as usual, but I am half way through my research paper now. I think I wil have it finished probably on Sunday if I work on Saturday and while I wait for Resident Evil 5 tomorrow. Though, I am tired of it, I guess it has been better than doing real work in Jenkins class. But, I am pretty sure I will make a zero on it anyways. She is obsessed with plagarism, and even though I know all the stuff I am typing into my paper, she wouldn’t accept that I am smarter than her. I already forgot to cite stuff on 3 pages, so I have to go back and do that stuff.

I had another one of my days where I’m not tired all day, then I all of a sudden get really tired and fall asleep while I am trying to do something. Luckily this time I was only at the menu of  Hell Girl Vol. 2.

Well, I think I will go to bed now, my stomach is feeling kind of weird and I don’t feel like sitting up for to much longer. You can watch this AMV while I am gone.


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