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Conservative (Crazy) Christian Site Bashes Hasbro Game Because Of Same Sex Marriage

gam_thegameoflife_580The game is The Game Of Life, is a flash game based off of Milton Bradley’s board game. Well, apparently, they want to turn all kids gay because they have same sex marriage in it. OMG!

Its just some religious nuts trying to oppress another group of people again. Still, when will they get it through there heads, marriage isn’t just from CHRISTIANITY! Now, I will let that set in for a minute… Times up, now back to the story.

One mother sent WND this, “I went back to the web site and left a very respectful (hateful) review (Bashing gays) of the game just stating that this kind of thing should be left out of kids’ (all)  games, and the Shockwave.com administrator (realized I was retarded) removed  my post, stating it was inappropriate (stupid),” She then told WND, “I had no idea how insidious they were being with pushing the homosexual agenda.” I added a translations so all the non-christian people would know what she really meant.

Wow… Stop hiding it and just come out and admit you hate gay people. This is coming from people that think its alright to have sex with your sister and father (Adam, Eve and there children). Also, if you let kids think gays don’t exist, they grow up to be hateful people that are disrespectful.

“Your guidelines ask us to ‘keep your language safe for the kids,’ yet here’s a game where children may choose homosexual marriage and child-rearing,” WND wrote in the comments section of shockwave.com. “Many sections of society accept this as normative, but many also would consider this too mature a theme for children. Others would consider this downright offensive. Is it appropriate to include, for example, lesbianism in this game?”

Maybe I find it offensive that you think it’s wrong to be gay. OH SHIT-SNAPPERS! You just got bitch slapped through the internet. Also, lesbianism is something that has been around far longer then Christianity, so technically, it wins. So do chickens.

The best part is though, that you can have same sex marriages in the board game, but they don’t say anything about that.

Well, I guess without sites like these, I wouldn’t have reasons to make people mad, or even to just laugh at their stupidity.

Also, I am straight, and calling me gay won’t hurt me like some think.



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  1. Leave em’ be…they are lonely people anyway… T_T

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