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Death Bottle

1134241569_0314799572Ok, it may not cause that kind of death, but that bottle does smell pretty bad. Not just a little, I’m talking about like 40,000,000 turd filled baby diapers that have been puke on bad or Code B.K. Smell.

More than liekly it would cause death if sniffed for more than 3 seconds. If not death, one would go into a state of psychosis and attack those around him/her. Suicide would probably ensue afterwords to relieve oneself of the smell that stays within the nose for all eternity. There is no stopping this process once it begins, so I highly recomend you go no where near the room it is in.

As for the real day, I did nothing but take a 2 tests. Really exciting isn’t it? I guess not.

Oh,  I played Afro Samurai, which was better than I expected it to be. Blood, gore and cussing all in feudal Japan.

I will be off to take a shower and watch the last 3 episodes of Hell Girl now, I will not see most of you tomorrow in person, but I will through the internet.

You can watch this Witchblade AMV while I am away.


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