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Hulu Streaming Heroic Age, Big Windup, and Origin


Heroic Age is the story of some teenagers piloting mechs to save the world and the girl he loves. Hmm… sounds similar to some other anime I have seen. But, who cares, it’s free on Hulu before the DVD release.

I guess have something to watch while I wait for Lucky Star vol.6 and Clannad to come.

Big Windup is something about baseball, so I am not to interested in it. But, for all the peopel that want to see it, here is the plot description I made from other stuff I read 2 minutes ago on the internet. A boy plays baseball, he is hated because he is only on the team because his grandfather owns the school. He goes to high school and is about to quit, but the team makes him play. Then he goes from loser to awesome guy that can throws balls at metal rods even better than before.

Origin sounds decent. A little confusing though. You can watch the movie since the plot might give some things away.



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