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Almost Daily WTF Of The Day: Sometime I Want To Quit Watching Anime

Wow, that was a total ear rape times 1,000. I love Lucky Star, but they ruined it for me. These girls swear they know Japanese, and yet they use Google Translator to translate it.

I may not be able to understand a whole lot, and the little I do know was learned from anime and it is only short phrases, but this is embarrassing to me. Japanese people even hate these girls.

In the following self description, she states that one of them is like Konata (Kona-chan), which she is not. If you would like to meet a real life version of Konata, you can talk to me. Basically I act just like her.

We are a singing group that likes to focus on spreading the japanese culture in all its kawaii glory around the youtube.
Our style is refined, and likes to focus on vocal talent (soprano :3) and the celebration of individual talent, as documented by the ancient greeks, through the ideals of the society, mainly arete and ergon.
Our aliases are as follows, desu:
Riri-chan- the neko (kitteh). Always kawaii and cheerful, bringing smiles to everyone around her. However, can be sassy when provoked. Also very naiive at times. Alot like Kona-chan. ^_____^
Bera-chan- the inu (doggeh). Very loyal amongst her friends. However, can be a bit of a BITCH. (lol! get it?! a bitch? XDDDDDDDDDDDD) Also sisters to riri-chan, as parents (both male) were a lion and a wolf, hence the genes were split. Best friends with magareta-chan.
Maggie-chan: the usagi (bunneh). Very shy and intellectually capable. Very introverted, hence the reason that she is only in select fandubs. She can often be heard crying her catchphrase “gomenassaiii~!” translation: “i apologise for the grievance my actions may have inflicted upon your feelings~!” (thnx google translater!!!)

You can find their page here. http://www.youtube.com/user/lolhikiwi


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