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Take That Mac FansBoys/Girls: MacBook With All Patches Hacked in 10 Seconds

mac_sync20080609At CanSecWest’s PWN2OWN contest, Charlie Miller hacked a fully patched MacBook in 10 seconds. Wow, that’s pretty bad for such a “great” OS.

This has come to the attention of many fanboys who are now probably crying because they have been proven wrong once again.

Now, I don’t mind Macs at all, it’s the fanboys I hate. So, this is a big victory for Windows users in the flame wars.

“I can’t talk about the details of the vulnerability, but it was a Mac, fully patched, with Safari, fully patched,” said Miller after he won. So, I guess we won’t know eactly how, but we do know it was an exploit in Safari that allowed him to take full control in 10 seconds.

Apple has been notified about the exploit and is working ot fix it right now. I just wonder if this exploit is also in the Ipod Touch and IPhone versions of Safari.

This makes me happy just because the fanboys are crying now. They deserve it since they are unwilling to try Windows. I tried Mac and found out I disliked it, so why don’t you.



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