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Almost Daily WTF Of The Day: Chop Your Own Penis Off

35926__448x_self-castratorYay! The stupid person today wasn’t a fat American, but rather a crazy Russian guy that chopped his own penis off when his girlfriend broke up with him.

This 37 Yearold was found on his floor, bleeding from the location that was originally his penis. He said he wanted to be done with women for ever, which obviously means you should chop your penis off. Why he didn’t just turn gay, I don’t know.

The police said that out of all the crazy shit this guy did, putting his penis on ice was the only partially sane thing thism an did Wow, for a retard, he atleast is smart.

The best part is that even though he didn’t want his penis, the guy ended up having it sewn back on. Haha, loser, now you get to have a penis like me. You hsould be happy you have one since you don’t have to sit just to pee.

Well, we now know what happens when you cut your own dick off. You bleed on the floor and slowly come close to death. Hopefully no emo kids red this since they might start doing this to commit suicide… Nevermind, those tight pants they where mean they have already chopped their penises off or they just have really tiny ones, because I sure as hell couldn’t where pants that tight.

Source (Warning: All In Japanese)


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