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I Think People Don’t Think Anymore…

e6bb23c3e60260_full1The ideas of some people never cease to amaze me anymore. The video of the joydick, Berg working in a school, going to war, etc. they are all useless, and yet we still do it.

Today was a good day, but still boring. Jenkins tried to make peopel feel stupid, Berg was gone, and we studied for the mid-terms. Wow, exciting is it not?

Then I played COD 4 and I plan to watch Clannad when I finish this post.

Nothing new has happened in my life other than the fact that I had a discussion with a friend about random stuff. But, that isn’t to exciting is it?

Also, I reached 3,000 2 days ago and I’m nearly half way to 4,000. Thats pretty exciting to me, especially since I am getting more visitors too. Feel free to comment on the stuff if you like, I won’t hurt you. Tell your friends about it also.

Well, here is a Toradora kinetic typography video taht is pretty cool. To bad Toradora’s season is almost over, I will miss the new episodes once I watch the last one later this week. :(


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