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New Way To Molest Someone, Say “Aren’t You Cold In That Skirt?”

animepunkgirlA man has been charged with child molestation earlier. Do you want to know why? If so, here is why, he said “Aren’t you cold in that skirt?”

Nothing else, the girl just said he molested her. But of course, the police agreed and if anyone sees the man, they want him reported.

Now, if only this is how all people molested each other, then they wouldn’t have so many real molestation cases.

I could understand if he said something like, “lets go to my house so we can ‘warm’ up,” or “I got a some seasoned beef and fixins to warm your taco up.” But, he didn’t say anything like that. Stupid girl should be arrested for being a retard.

Source (Japanese text)


5 Responses

  1. Erik!!! Seasoned Beef and veggies , now that is original. Made me laugh out loud here at work , the old guys just looked at me. Thanks for the laugh. Love you

  2. That phrase could have sounded as molesting depending on the manner he spoke in but it still sounds like dump. Anyways, that pic is hawt I’m fapping to it atm

    • I think the girl went over board. Also, Im glad you like the picture. I always try to find ones that people might like.

      • I kinda wonder how the girl looked. If she was as hot as the one in the pic then O_________O

        • Haha, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was one of the pretty girls. They typically don’t want someone talking to them unless they are getting money from it.

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