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Clannad Collection 1 Review

b94eb304b27460_fullWhen Clannad was licensed by ADV’s Sentai Works, I was overjoyed since i had been wanting to see it. I finally got my hands on it and it was well worth the wait. Also, this is my first real review, so it might suck.

My short summary of the first set: Tomoya is a teenage boy who’s father is quite a drunk. It all started when his Mom passed away, and now he spends much of his time away from home with friends. He skips class, and makes himself seen like a delinquent to everyone around him, though he truly is a nice guy. One day, he meets Nagisa Furukawa, a grade repeater because she was sick a lot the year before, and they become friends. Slowly, they form a stronger bond and he decides he will help her with re-establishing the drama club at their school.

At the start, the first thing you may notice about this anime is the visuals. If you don’t lke bright colors, you will more than likely hate this, since much of the background and even the character’s hair colors are bright and vibrant. Now, if you are one that likes colorful things, the visuals are top notch. Everything moves smoothly and the background art is really well done. The character designs especially good in the way that you get the feel of how the character’s personality is. Kotomi looks like one to be dazed and out of touch with reality at times. Kyou has that strong, formiddable look, and so on.

Many people have complained about the anime not getting an english dub. I am fine with no English dub mainly because the japanese cast does quite good to me. I know that sales won’t be as high as they could be since many people will say “why shoudl I pay for subtitles only when I can download?” But the subtitles are done really well, and the script seems like it might be hard to fit all of it in with an english dub. My only gripe is a couple minor typos that you won’t really notice until I re-read them. But, those were few and far between.

One of my favorite aspects was the humor. Some may not find it funny at all, while other will laugh at the randomness of some of it. Kotomi and Fuko especially make it worth while. Kotomi’s lack of social skill makes her enjoyable to watch, and Fuko’s love, or fetish, for starfish is even better. Though, I have never seen anyone like starfish so much.

The story is a little slow at first, but after about 4 episodes, it starts to pick up. The only bad part is that the last episode is a big cliffhanger since it just ends and makes you sit and wait for the next collection. But, I guess it helps make you want more, which is exactly what it did to me.

Sub: A-

Audio: A+

Video: A+


3 Responses

  1. I think you did a great job Erik , you made me want to watch it. Love you

  2. Fuko is not sexually attracted to starfish! That’s the worst!

    Yes, the CLANNAD Collection 1 is very good. Yes, yes. <3 In fact, the best show ADV has liscensed. Yep.

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