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Losing Battles Are Always Fun

3a36730bce31b81a5cf80fab09f99d5b1225162977_full1I may be playing hard like that motivational poster says, but I’m still losing. Like I thought, the newer version of that virus has invaded the school, so we are screwed for right now. It’s almost like Devil May Cry 3 on the Dante Must Die mode, no matter what, you get raped in the butt.

7630b495bdda20_full1But who cares, my home computers are fine, so I’m not too worried. Yeah, I want the school computers fixed, and that virus screwed up everything to the point where they are going suspend us for going somewhere not school related, but it’s not my problem. I will help, but I won’t do all the work for the people to lazy to upgrade our computers.

Well, I’m going to watch the last episode of Toradora and watch some more Maria Holic. I will see some of you tomorrow and some of you  I will never see. To make up for me not being able to grace you with my godlike presence, you can watch this Manga AMV of Vampire Knight. It is pretty cool in my opinion.


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